Our involvement in all aspects of your project ensures continuity and accountability for your finished product.

Because we offer a 360° solution, before cutting, drilling, welding and construction work begins, a team of different specialist disciplines and precise communication is essential to keep the design moving towards a coordinated outcome.

Growing with experience, developed by expertise and centered on trust and ethical standards, we are proud of the solid reputation we have earned by delivering top class projects since 1980.

We say that with confidence because our repeat business proves that our customers trust us and recognize our ability to deliver a wide range of projects of varying sizes and scope to a diverse market, consistently over the years. PICM is compliant with industry standard requirements and subject to accreditation and auditing, as stipulated by government. We actively educate ourselves on new industry developments to stay up to date with new methodology, technology and standards.


Our Vision

To grow in our area of civil, steel and site construction by continuing to provide superior quality services to the exacting standards of our clients. To ensure that there is no compromise on quality; and to aim for optimum quantity within allowed time-frame and budget.

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Our Mission

We are totally committed to fulfilling the promises we make to our stakeholders. We can be relied upon to provide the agreed product and service on time and according to specifications. We are proud to produce work of high quality, within the programmed time, to standards greater than expected. We adopt the principle of “First Time Right”, are committed to ongoing learning, and will continuously improve our standards and work processes. We display high levels of honesty, fairness and integrity in the way we conduct business.

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Stand 54 & 55 Aureus

(49 730 m2)

Tower Crane
25 T Mobile Crane
15 T Mobile Crane

Fabrication Workshop

(2 010 m2)
Plate Rollers
Sub Arc Welding Machines
Bending Break
Radial Arm Drill
Overhead Cranes
(2 x 5t, 1 x 3t, 2 x 2t & 4 x 1t)

Paint Area

(1 024 m2)
Industrial Painting and Coating

Rubberlining Shop

(392 m2)

Cured Rubber
Uncured Rubber

Preparation Shop

(620 m2)
CNC Plasma Cutter (12 m Bed)
CNC Beam Driller
Band Saw (3)


Sandblasting Bay 1: 186 m2
Sandblasting Bay 2: 84 m2

Machine Shop

(392 m2)
Boring Mill x 2
Milling Machine x 2
Pedestal Drills
Lathe x 2